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Adhesive labels
It's not common knowledge that the most delicate side of a CD or DVD is not the bottom side, but in fact the top side, where a thin layer of metal stores the data. Scratches and marks on the bottom of the disc can often be fixed, but a scratch to the top surface can render it unusable.

As the illustration to the right shows, the data layer is close to the top of the disk. By applying a protective layer to the top of a disc, you can prevent potential damage. CDRs and other recordable media are often more vulnerable to damage due to a lack of protective coating on top.

 Please note:
These labels are only for the top surface of the CD
Placing them on the bottom will render the disc unreadable.
CD layers
Added security
Our disc protector labels are made from a high clarity, temperature stable film with a strong adhesive.  On most discs the label becomes permanently attached within hours.  Electronic security tags, identifying labels and written information becomes locked down under this layer of plastic, and an attempt to remove it will often destroy the disc.

 Prices include GST.
QtyPricePrice ea.
125$ 67.50$.54
Disc protector labels are supplied on a roll, and come in quantities of 125, 250, 500 and 1000 per roll.


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