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 Book Covering Services

Do you need to cover some books but don't feel up to the task?  Due to demand, we now offer a covering service for small quantities of books!

As this service is performed at our premises, you will need to bring your books to us. You may either collect them after they are completed or we can arrange delivery.  In some cases you may be able to wait while we cover your books.

Pricing is charged per book, regardless of size (except for unusually large books).    A single book covered will be around $5.00, multiple books will be cheaper each.  
We can cover books in any of our products, if you are unsure of what covering best suits your needs we can help you make the decision, our showroom features books covered in each type of covering we offer.  Rates are standard on all coverings except for Flexicote and Slip-On Covers as these have a higher cost.

If you have a large quantity of books to cover, we can put you in touch with a company which will be happy to quickly and efficiently cover them for you.

Permanent, Non removable
Self adhesive (standard schoolbook style) 90 micron

Self adhesive (rigid reinforcing sheets) - rigid sheet front and back, tape along spine.

Non permanent - archival optional
These coverings preserve the book without permanently attaching.

(bookshop method)    - quick and easy covering, covers dust jacket only
(all plastic sleeve)        - completely wraps the dust jacket in a sleeve
(hardback method)     - more complex, protects hardbacks without dust jackets
                   or can lock a dust jacket onto the book.  cutting, folding, tape
(quick method)      - dust jacket in sleeve, placed back on book
(library method)     - locks the dust jacket onto the book

Slip on covers
                            - A fitted cover.

Repairs to books
  Although this is not an area of expertise for us, we can do minor repairs to books.  This would mostly suit textbooks or children's books where the goal is prolonging the life of the book rather than enhancing value.  An example of a repair we can do it taping an internal hinge of the book to prevent the cover from separating.  

Covering a book

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