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Adhesive tape
Save time and frustration!  Accurately apply double sided tape in seconds with no cutting, peeling of backing paper and mess.

The Book Cover Co presents the quick easy to use double sided tape dispenser.

Using double sided tape can be a slow, messy and frustrating process, as the individual pieces of tape are cut, applied and the backing paper removed.

This handy dispenser quickly and accurately applies strips of double sided tape, with an easy trigger action and automatic backing paper removal. 

To apply tape, hold the hand grip, press the black roller against the material you wish to apply tape to.  Depress the trigger as you pull back, rolling the tape onto the material. As the tape is dispensed, the geared backing paper reel neatly pulls the backing paper away for easy disposal when the roll is finished.
Tape gun
tape gun
  • Applies double sided tape in seconds
  • Quick and accurate trigger action
  • No need to peel backing paper
  • Durable construction, reliable operation
  • Quick to load
  • 1 year warranty
  • Comes preloaded with 1 roll tape

DSAT-001 Double Sided Adhesive gun
1 year warranty
Comes with 1 free roll of tape pre-loaded
Loading instructions included
Price including GST
 Tape gun - $49.50

DSAT-1233 Tape roll - 12mm x 33M
Instant bond, low odour
Strong yet super thin tape layer

Price including GST
1 roll - $  6.50
Box of 12 - $59.40

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