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Plascote self adhesive book covering is a commonly used and well known form of book covering.   We supply only a premium grade material, with excellent handling and usability.  Unlike the cheap supermarket style covering,  Plascote is easy to handle and doesn't leave large bubbles.

Available in  Gloss finish (80 or 100 micron thickness) or  Satin  finish (80 micron) micron thicknesses and with delayed bond or immiediate adhesion, this quality book covering will lengthen the life of books, protecting against dirt, spills and scratching.

Grid marked release paper assists in the covering process, allowing easy alignment of books, and cutting in straight lines.

A wide range of sizes is available, from 75mm up to 1000mm. Also, custom sizes are available upon request. Standard length per roll is 20 or 50 meters, however longer rolls are available if required.

The delayed bond adhesive allows you to ensure perfect positioning of the film.  Once in place, the film bonds to the book over a period of several hours, becoming permanently attached. . 

Thickness 80 micron 100 micron
Gloss Yes Yes
Satin Yes No
Delayed bond Yes Yes
   80 Micron Gloss / 80 Micron Satin - Delayed Bond  -  Prices include GST
       75mm   225mm   250mm   280mm   300mm   330mm
 375mm   450mm   600mm   900mm 
20M $7.30 $21.95 $24.50 $26.50 $29.25 $31.50 $36.50 $42.50 $55.25 $78.75
50M $17.50 $52.50 $57.00 $63.00 $69.50 $75.95
$87.50 $100.50 $131.50 $186.75

      100 Micron Delayed Bond Gloss  -  Prices include GST
       75mm   225mm   250mm   280mm   300mm   330mm
 375mm   450mm   600mm   900mm 
20M $8.50 $24.20 $26.50 $29.25 $32.25 $35.50
$40.50 $46.70 $60.50 $86.75
50M $19.75 $58.00 $63.60 $66.50 $77.65 $85.00
$96.75 $111.50 $145.50 $208.25

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