Polypropylene resealable archival bags
Made from crystal clear archival polypropylene, these bags are
perfect for documents, presentations, photographs,
books and delicate items.
Resealable Bags
These handy resealable bags offer quick protection for a range of items, from single sheets to books, fabrics and photographs.

The adhesive strip is resealable, so even after sealing, you can open the bag, then reseal it once you are done.
Made from an archival grade, food safe polypropylene film, these crystal clear bags enhance the appearance of the items within while protecting them for air, moisture, bugs and handling damage.

Polypropylene is acid free and non yellowing, and won't bond to surfaces which it is touching.
Protecting a book
A book protected in a resealable bag.
cutting mat
Peeling the backing material exposes the adhesive strip.
These bags are available in packets of 100 or 1000.  If you require a size not listed below, please contact us.
Size (mm)Per 100Per 1000
102 x 152$4.60$36.80
115 x 230$7.45$59.80
135 x 200$7.75$62.10
150 x 230 (A5)$9.20$74.75
230 x 305 (A4)$16.10$143.75
230 x 330$17.25$149.50
305 x 456 (A3)$29.90$276.00
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