Pro-Lene is a crystal clear, non adhesive polypropylene film, which will enhance the appearance of your books while offering long lasting protection to your valued books.

This grade of film is chemically inert, meaning it leaches no chemicals as it ages.  It is also an oxygen barrier, and is highly resistant to a wide range of substances, including adhesives, grease, permanent markers and other staining materials.

Pro-Lene is used for covering hardback books, with or without dust jackets, and can also be used for covering paperbacks.  It is most suited in applications where an acid free material is required.

 For quick and effective covering, particularly in high turnover environments such as bookshops, a piece of Pro-Lene book covering can be cut to the width of the dust jacket cover, folded at the top and bottom and the dust jacket replaced.  This gives immediate protection with very little investment of time.  

Clear film can also be used for a wide range of other applications, such as protecting hanging prints or artworks without laminating or framing.

Pro-Lene is available in Gloss finish, in a wide range of widths.  Roll lengths available are 25, 50 or 100 metres.  When choosing the roll you require, allow a minimum of 25mm top and bottom for a fold over, so if your book is 250mm tall, you would choose a film no shorter than 300mm.    

Polypropylene film has the advantage of being very resistant to adhesion.  Books covered with this will not adhere to one another on the shelf, and the plastic does not become soft or sticky in hot environments.  Another characteristic of Polypropylene films is that they do not fold as easily as PVC, tending to spring back from the fold more than PVC does.

Pro-Lene film is not suitable for gluing in most cases.  If you do have an application where you need to use an adhesive, please contact us for advice.

Archival Polypropylene is also used in our Unifold and Unifold Pro range of dust jacket sleeving.
Pro-Lene 90 Micron covering film
Prices include GST
Clear Gloss finish Polypropylene film
      235mm   300mm   350mm   400mm   450mm   600mm   900mm 
25M $24.95 $31.40 $33.10 $37.80 $39.50 $49.80 $69.90
50M $41.65 $52.35 $55.25 $63.00 $65.85 $83.00 $116.50
100M $81.00 $102.60 $108.00 $124.20 $129.60 $151.90 $225.00
1200mm Pro-Lene - limited availability.  Please contact us for information. 

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