Profold Plus

Profold Plus combines the attractive and durable protection offered by Profold, with the added convenience of a self adhesive strip.  This means you can cover your books without ever having to reach for a tape dispenser!

An Australian designed and manufactured product, the Profold range was developed by The Book Cover Co and is available either direct from us, or from our distributors.
Profold Plus
Profold Plus

Profold forms a sleeve
All widths and film types of Profold can be made as Profold Plus at a very cost effective rate.   The cost of  upgrading to Profold Plus is as follows :

25M roll - add $2.50 (inc GST) 

Profold Plus is ideal for covering any book with a dust jacket.  For books with hard covers but no dust jacket, it is possible to use Profold and Profold Plus to fully protect the covers, both inside and out.  For further details on how this is done, see our instruction sheets.

Choosing a size and quantity
Measure the height of the book when standing.  You do not need to take into account an overhang, so a book 300mm high is suited to 300mm Profold  As long as the Profold is wider than the book, it can be used to cover that book.  So, a 300mm roll will cover books 300mm and below.

For a rough estimation of how much you will need, approximately two books can be covered per metre of  Profold.
This product is no longer available, sorry for any inconvenience. Please ask for more information on the replacement product.

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