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Adhesive tape
The Book Cover Co offers a range of adhesive tapes in various widths.  

Choosing a width - 19mm is the most common size, and is the standard size you will find on most tape dispensers.
matt mending tapeClear spine tape
Made from a thick and durable polypropylene tape, this high tack tape is available in a wide range of sizes and is perfect for binding, reinforcing, repair and book protection.  Non yellowing, and barcode safe.

36mm x 50M - $  5.15
48mm x 50M - $  6.90
72mm x 50M -
96mm x 50M - 

matt mending tape Matt finish mending tape
Almost invisible on paper, this low sheen tape is recommended for mending damaged paper. Non yellowing, and can be written on.
12mm x 66M - $5.15
19mm x 66M - $5.95
24mm x 66M - $7.75

matt mending tape Clear Attaching Tape
Standard adhesive tape, strong and super clear Polypropylene tape that won't yellow with age.  Low odour, acrylic adhesive.
12mm x 66M - $1.85
19mm x 66M - $2.30
24mm x 66M - $2.75

white PVC hinge tapeVinyl tape - white hinge tape
Commonly used for book repairs and reinforcing book hinges.
19mm x 66M - $3.15
25mm x 66M -
50mm x 66M - $7.50

white PVC hinge tape
Cloth tape - coloured thick cloth binding tape
This rubberised cloth tape is perfect for binding and book repairs.  It is not only very strong, but has a strong, long lasting adhesive.  A wide range of colours is available.
 36mm x 25M - $11.50
 48mm x 25M - $13.80
 72mm x 25M - $21.85
100mm x 25M - $27.60

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