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Unifold dust jacket sleeving is a highly durable and effective covering for hardcover books with dust jackets.  Consisting of a plastic front and a paper backing, it forms a protective sleeve around the dust jacket and around the book ends, holding the cover securely in place.  This style of book covering has been used for decades in libraries, bookshops and by private collectors.

Not only does Unifold protect your valuable books while enhancing their appearance, it also can be removed from the book without any evidence that it had ever been used, preserving the value of the book.

Manufactured on our premises, we take the utmost care in providing a product we feel is second to none in quality.  Your satisfaction with this product is guaranteed.

Also available is Unifold Pro,  which includes a self adhesive strip. This removes the need for adhesive tape when covering, at a very low cost per roll.

We manufacture the widest range of sizes available on the market today, and custom sizes are available.  If you require a custom size, please contact us.

Unifold can be supplied with either PVC film in clear gloss or matt finish, or Polypropylene film in clear gloss.  
Choosing a size and quantity
Measure the height of the book when standing.  You do not need to take into account an overhang, so a book 250mm high is suited to 250mm Unifold.  As long as the Unifold is wider than the book, it can be used to cover that book.  So, a roll of 300mm Unifold will cover books 300mm and below.

For a rough estimation of how much you will need, approximately two books can be covered per metre of Unifold.
Unifold - 100 Micron dust jacket sleeving
PVC Clear Gloss or Matt finish
       200mm  230mm  250mm   270mm  300mm   330mm   380mm   420mm 
25M $38.85 $46.70 $51.65 $54.80 $61.30 $68.50 $73.10 $88.55
50M $64.75 $77.80 $86.00 $91.35 $102.20 $114.20 $121.85 $147.65
Unifold - 90 Micron dust jacket sleeving
Polypropylene Clear Gloss finish
       200mm  230mm  250mm   270mm  300mm   330mm   380mm   420mm 
25M $41.85 $49.95 $55.50 $58.95 $65.70 $73.60 $78.55 $95.30
50M $69.75 $83.30 $92.50 $98.20 $109.65 $122.70 $130.90 $158.75

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