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Unifold Pro combines the high level of protection of Unifold with the added convenience of a self adhesive strip along the top edge.  This means that you can cover without having to use adhesive tape, all you need is a pair of scissors!

This product is particularly popular with high volume users such as book processors, as there is no need to stock rolls of tape, nor is there the repeated action for the coverer of reaching for a piece of tape many times per book. With large volumes of books this can save substantial amounts of time,  but more importantly helps to prevent  strain injuries associated with repeated motions.

All widths and film types of Unifold can be made as Unifold Pro at a very cost effective rate.  The cost of  upgrading to Unifold Pro is as follows :

Not only does Unifold protect your valuable books while enhancing their appearance, it also can be removed from the book without any evidence that it had ever been used, preserving the value of the book.

As with all of our dust jacket sleeving, Unifold Pro is fully removable with no damage to the book.  Although the adhesive strip is very strong and durable, it only sticks to the back surface of the sleeving.

We use a low odour, water based, immediate bond adhesive to ensure that the sleeving can't come loose once it is applied.  For more details on this product, see the Unifold page.

We recommend reading the instruction sheet for Unifold Pro before using it, as the best method for using it is not immediately apparent.

No tape required!  

Simply peel the backing paper to expose the adhesive strip.

Unifold Pro- 100 Micron dust jacket sleeving
PVC Clear Gloss or Matt finish
       200mm  230mm  250mm   270mm  300mm   330mm   380mm   420mm 
25M $41.90 $49.75 $54.60 $58.30 $64.30 $71.55 $76.10 $91.60
50M $69.85 $82.85 $91.10 $97.15 $107.20 $119.30 $126.85 $152.70
Unifold Pro- 90 Micron dust jacket sleeving
Polypropylene Clear Gloss finish
       200mm  230mm  250mm   270mm  300mm   330mm   380mm   420mm 
25M $44.85 $53.00 $58.55 $61.90 $68.80 $75.90 $81.60 $98.25
50M $74.75 $88.35 $97.55 $103.25 $114.70 $127.75 $136.00 $163.80

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